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YANGTZE EXPERIENCE:Shanghai/Huangshan/Three Gorges/Kunming/Guilin/Guangzhou/Hongkong 14 days
Day1 Shanghai (D)
Arrive in Shanghai,Meet and transfer to the four-star Guanda hotel
or similar.night enjoy the Bund
Day2 Shanghai/Tunxi (AB+L+D)
After breakfast,you will visit the Jade Buddha Temple,Yu Garden
,afternoon then to visit Shanghai museum,Nangjin Road,night fly
to Tunxi ,night in four-star Guomai hotel or similar.
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Day3 Tunxi/Huangshan (AB+L+D)
Take luxury bus to Mt.huangshan,by cable car up to Mt.huangshan, Vist Xihai sea scenic
area,Flying-over stone,Bright top,visit sun-set etc. night in three-star Beihai hotel or similar.
day4 Huangshan/Tunxi/Wuhan (AB+L+D)
Morning enjoy sun-rise,after breakfast vist Beihai sea scenic area ,begin-to-believe-it
peak,then take cable car down Mt.huangshan,by luxury bus to Tunxi,visit ancient street,then
fly to Wuhan.settle into four-star Yangtze Curiser or the similar for our departure from
shore in evening
Day5 YangtzeRiver Curiser(B+L+D)
Stopping in Yueyang this moring,we go ashore to view the elegant Yueyang tower.Continuing
our cruise,we spend the remainder of the day passing through one of the world's finest
stretches of river scenery.Welcome banquet on board
day6 YangtzeRiver Curiser(B+L+D)
Curise to the Upper Yangtze and visit the 230-foot high Gezhouba Dam at Yichang.Here the
trip will pass through one of the Three massive locks.Cruise through the Xiling Gorge,the
longest of Three Groges,a stuning area of its temples,cave and weathered peaks
day7 YangtzeRiver Curiser(B+L+D)
We weave through Wu Groges,with bewitching Twelve Peaks soaring above.Then continue to
Wushan and boats for a trip up the Daning River to the Three small Gorges,a stunning area
of dramatic hillsides,caves and lush bamboo groves
Day8 YangtzeRiver Curiser(B+L+D)
We arise early for a spectacular journey through the Three Gorges,Qutang This breathtaking
narrow passage through misty peaks and sheer cliffs is the grandest of them all. Continuing upstream,we journey pass the striking cliff side temple to shibaozhai enroute to ancient
Fendu,the legendary city of ghost.Here we explore the local temples before returning aboard
to attend the farewell banquet
Day9 Chongqing/Kunming (AB+L+D)
After a visit General Vinegar Joe Museum,city zoo and panda,fly to Kunming in the afternoon
,night in the four-star Golden Dragon or green lake hotel
Day10 Kunming (AB+L+D)
Begin a full-day tour of the area with a two-hour excursion to Kunming'extraodinary stone
Forest-a 270-million-year-old limestone outcrop resembling's a petrified forest
Day11 Kunming/Guilin (AB+L+D)
Today you'll visit the Longme (dragon Gate) in the Xisgab Forest Park,Dianchi lake and the
Nationalities village .In the afternoon fly to Guilin,night in four-star Gushan hotel or
Day12 Guilin (AB+L+D)
Spend the day aboard a scenic Li River curise,passing picturesque farms and fishing village
.on the way back,visit the Reed Flute caves where spectacular stalactites and stalagmites
formations dazzle visitors
Day13 Guiln/Guangzhou (AB+L+D)
Visit elephant Trunk hill,the seven star park,night fly to Guangzhou, night in four-star
Holiday Inn or the similar
Day14 Guangzhou/Hongkong (AB+L)
Visit the Memorial Hall build for Dr.sun Yat-sen and chen clan temple, housing some of the
best local handicrafts,then by train to Hongkong huangshan travel contact me


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