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Huangshan Tour--Xihai Sceneic Area

Descending Brightness Apex, one comes to the West Sea
via a newly opened tourist route. A mystical Rock
Flying From Afar first comes into sight, with a huge
10 meter high rock weighing 600 tons standing on it.
Passing several peaks nearby, visitors arrive at the
Cloud-dispelling Pavilion where one commands an
excellent view of the unfolding scene.

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There stand in front of the pavilion a sea of variously shaped peaks
that inspire all sorts of fairy imagination.These architectural wonders
of the nature turn the whole West Sea into a natural art gallery. When
the sun sets, the whole valley basks in a myriad of sun rays, becoming
a famous scene of the Yellow Mountains. Equally impressive is the 1,712
meter high Rosy Clouds Peak behind the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion.
Standing on the peak, one can watch the sun rising above the cloud and
Rock Flying From Afar and Nine Dragon Peak in all their grandeur.

The West Sea, long known as the Mystery Valley for the many clusters of
peaks and the fathomless depth of the valley, has been opened up as the
White Cloud Stream Scenic Area. The seven kilometer long newly paved
staircase extends from the Hook Bridge Nunnery inside the West Gate of
the Yellow Mountains, across the bottom of the valley, and reaches the
newly built Heavenly Sea Pavilion at the Heavenly Sea. Tourists may go
to Qianxun Falls via the Hook Bridge Nunnery and the Shy Spring. The
highest falls in the Yellow Mountains, Qianxun Falls have a drop of 140
meters, and is ice free all the year round. The falls thunder can be
heard at Swan Rock near the brook and one can also have a near look on
the "Immortal Walking on Stilts". Passing the Dropping Spring and the
Lucky Cloud Bridge, one comes to the Dispelling Cloud Pavilion. Then, a
twisting path leads one through Immortal-walking Bridge and to the
Goddess Flower Bed and finally to the Central Sea Pavilion at the
Heavenly Sea. On the way, one can watch pines in all kinds of odd


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