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Huangshan Tour--Xihai Grand Canyon

Xihai Grand Canyon is a newly-developed scenic
area open to public on May, 2001. Covering the
most prime scenery of Xihai Scenic Area (Western part of Huangshan Scenic Area), it starts at Cloud
-dispelling Pavilion, linking White Cloud Area at
Fairy-walking Bridge, and creating a breath-taking
circular sightseeing route.

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Within its 25 square kilometers, there are many unique rock formations,
such as Upside-down Boot, Lady Playing Piano, Dog Watching Sky, Man
Walking on Stilt, and fantastic peaks; Archway Peak, Nine-dragon Peak,
Double Bamboo Shoot Peak, Stone-bed Peak, Stone-pillar Peak and Pine
Forest Peak, just to name a few. Lush pines abound in the area and the
large historic ones have names. You become immersed in your surroundings
and find yourselves in an amazing painting. Scenery keeps changing as
you walk on steep steps usually clinging to precipices. Every step
reveals a breath-taking view so you can just point your camera and take
a perfect photo almost everywhere on the way. No wonder it's also called
Magic Scenic Area.

A 4.5 km downhill walk will take you deeper and deeper in the ravine,
with cliffs and peaks becoming higher and higher, arriving at Fairy-
walking Bridge. It's a real Grand Canyon! In front of you from the
bridge, the 3 km long steps will lead you through the White Cloud Area
to the Heavenly Sea Area. It's no doubt a difficult, yet rewarding trip
with so many fantastic views.

To complete this circular trip, you will climb up another 0.7 km to
Bright Summit (1860m and second highest peak of the Yellow Mountain).
Then continue down 1 km to a huge rock known as Flying-Over Rock, and
finally 1.5 km further down will take you back to the Cloud-dispelling

This spectacular circular route is a good option for the energetic
physically fit tourist. A better option for those who are not used to
strenuous activity would be walking a small section of it rather than
missing it altogether.

This very secluded and fantastic scenic area known as the Grand Canyon
of the West Sea is becoming more and more popular. It's a must see
destination for tourists, even though being a newly opened area you may
not find much other reference material in English.


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