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Huangshan Tour--Huangshan Cable car

To fully experience the beauty of Mt. Huangshan, you have to reach the
peak areas. With the assistance of Cable car, this is made much easier.
The three Cable car on Mt. Huangshan can be described as follows:

huangshan tour huangshan tour huangshan tour
Yungu Cable Car
Yuping Cable Car
Taiping Cable Car

Yungu Cable Car
Yuping Gondola Taiping Cable Car Yungu Cableway ( from
the Cloud Valley Temple to White Goose Mountain ), also called Cableway
1. It is 2,804 meters in total length and its height difference is 772.8
meters. It is of the same type with Taiping Cableway except that it is
smaller (60 persons).

Yuping Cable car( from the Mercy Light Temple to Jade Screen Tower ),
also called Cableway 3. It is 2,012.1 meters long and its height
difference is 745.4 meters. It is of single-line automatic reciprocating
type, 31 gondolas in total. Each gondola can hold 6 persons ( one way
trip lasts 8 minutes ).

Taiping Cable car£®from Pine Valley Nunnery to Pine Forest Peak), also
called Cableway 2. It is 3,561.9 meters long and its height difference
is 1,004 meters. It is of four-line reciprocating type, with one pair of
cable cars, carrying capacity of 100 + 1 persons for each car ( one way
trip lasts 11.6 minutes ).

Please remember that it is about 85 kilometers from downtown to
Huangshan Mountain, and all the cable cars stop after 4 pm. For those
who arrive in the local airport in later afternoon, it would be
impossible to go up mountain by cable car the same day. Instead, they
will have to overnight in the downtown (Tunxi) before driving to
Huangshan the next day morning.


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