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Huangshan Tour--Four Seasons

Each of the four seasons on Mt. Huangshan has
their respective beauty but even this can vary
from day to day thanks to variations in the
weather, light and shade as clouds pass
overhead and even around you at the higher
reaches. This endless changing adds an emphasis
to the wonder of the landscape and to know the
mountain thoroughly, you would need to visit
Mt. Huangshan in all the different seasons.

huangshan tour
Spring Mt. Huangshan in spring is like a maiden - all is new, fresh and
tender. Spring comes in April but its onset is delayed by three days for
every 100 meters as you climb the mountain. Therefore, when wild flowers
are brilliant and seedlings are shooting up at its foot, the plants half
way up the mountain will be just awakening from their winter sleep and
will not exhibit their beauty until a week later. The sound of birdsong
is most pleasant in this quietness while you will be enchanted by the
color changes as you climb your way up. Spring is probably the most
propitious season for visiting Mt. Huangshan and is certainly the best
time to view the many waterfalls due to the abundant precipitation.

Summer It is hard to resist the charm of the cool green mountain sides
in summer when an exuberance of plant life covers the valleys and peaks
with a green blanket. The green trees and ivy mingle to form natural
pavilions where you can sit and refresh yourself while enjoying the
beautiful scenery with a cooling breeze to sooth you. Dawn in summer is
most splendid as the rising sun lights the sky and the peaks and the
plants and the whole world takes on a brilliant glow. After a storm, Mt.
Huangshan becomes a world of water. Numerous streams and waterfalls
compose an exciting and vigorous symphony. The Sea of Clouds during this
season is not as vast as during autumn or winter but it revels in its
brightness. If you are really lucky you will see a vivid rainbow flying
over two peaks. Sunset is no less enchanting than sunrise. Mt. Huangshan
in summer is the best resort in which to escape high temperatures of
southern China.

Tips: 1. July and August are among the peak seasons therefore
reservation is a must.
2. It is wise to bring a rainproof jacket with you as the strong wind on
the mountain renders an umbrella all but useless and even dangerous.
3. Do not climb the mountain during thunderstorm.

Autumn Autumn on the mountain is colorful due to the blue sky, white
clouds, red maples and yellow fruits. At this time of the year the
scenery can be compared with that of spring but with a mature beauty. If
spring is like a bud ready to bloom, autumn is a flower showing its last
significance before withering. Such is the beauty of the autumn scenery
of Mt. Huangshan that it can be seen in many famous Chinese paintings.

Tips: 1.Besides the Golden Week of the National Day (Oct 1st to 5th),
September and October are also peak seasons of Mt. Huangshan.
2. Bring with you warm clothes so as not to catch a chill as the
temperature variation is significant.

Winter Snowy Mt. Huangshan is like a crystal palace. Though winter
lasts a long time in Huangshan, it is not as cold as you might expect. A
poem has it that Mt. Huangshan is beautiful all year round but with the
winter scenery being the best. The Sea of Clouds, one of the four
wonders of Mt. Huangshan, appears more often in winter than in any other
season. The spectacle of rimed trees sparkling in the sun is the
privilege of winter alone for it is then that you may find yourself in a
silver world with icy peaks, clusters of frosty corals suffused with a
plentiful supply of the freshest of oxygen rich fresh air.

Travel tips: 1. Winter is the most economical time for visiting Mt
Huangshan as the prices for hotels and the entry fee are lowered by 15%
to 40% compared to those of the peak season. However, Spring Festival is
an exception, during which the price is the same as normal seasons.
2. The hotels are centrally heated so you don't have to worry about the
3. Anti-skid shoes are provided as well as heavy coats in most hotels.


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